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Home from deployment and need heat

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This past November, the San Francisco-based Strava announced a huge update to its global heat map of user activity that displays 1 billion activities—including running and cycling routes—undertaken by exercise enthusiasts wearing Fitbits or other wearable fitness trackers.

Some Strava users appear to work for certain militaries or various intelligence agencies, given that knowledgeable security experts quickly connected the dots between user activity and the known bases or locations of Home from deployment and need heat military or intelligence operations.

Certain analysts have suggested the data could reveal individual Strava users by. These digital footprints that echo the real-life steps of individuals underscore a greater challenge to governments and ordinary citizens alike: The revelations began unspooling at a rapid pace after Nathan Ruser lady seeking nsa Cornwallville, a student studying international security at the Australian National University, began dwployment his findings via Twitter on Saturday afternoon.

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In home from deployment and need heat series of images, Ruser pointed out Strava user activities potentially related to US military forward operating bases in Afghanistan, Turkish military patrols in Syria, and a possible guard patrol in the Russian operating area of Syria. Other researchers soon followed up with a dizzying array of international examples, based on cross-referencing Strava user activity with Google Maps and prior news reporting: Several experts observed that the Nerd heatmap seemed best at deploymejt the presence of mostly Western military and civilian operations in developing countries.

Many locations of military and intelligence agency bases pointed out by researchers and journalists had already been previously revealed through other public sources. The United States is clearly far from alone in dealing with such security challenges.

But the Strava example shows that the United States may be nifty free gay stories greater risk, with its relatively large footprint involving troops, intelligence personnel, diplomats, and contractors deployed overseas in home from deployment and need heat areas or conflict zones.

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Current US military service policies seem to allow for use of fitness trackers and other wearables with the caveat that local commanders have the discretion to tighten security. In fact, the US Army has previously promoted use of Deplyment trackers as part of a pilot fitness program.

Home from deployment and need heat

Certain military or intelligence home from deployment and need heat may also need upgrades to their security as a result of the Strava data reveal, says Lynette Nusbacher, a strategist and military historian based in the UK. The idea of banning ffrom technologies outright may potentially make sense in certain cases: But she warns that imposing extreme restrictions more broadly could reduce the number of people willing to sign up for military nfed intelligence stints overseas.

Many analysts place the burden of responsibility on the US military and other organizations for the lapse, rather than on Strava.

The latter does, after all, allow users to choose whether they share their data. But Paul Scharre, senior fellow and director of the Technology and National Security Program at the Center for a New American Security, argues that technology companies do have certain responsibilities, especially after a problem of this magnitude has been identified. Home from deployment and need heat do dsployment think it is acceptable for a company to release data that might imperil the lives of US service members.

In a statement, James Quarles, CEO of Strava, acknowledged that "members in the military, humanitarian workers and others living abroad may have shared their location in areas without other activity density and, in doing so, inadvertently increased awareness of sensitive home from deployment and need heat.

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Many team members at Strava and in our community, including me, have family members in the armed forces. Please know that we are taking this matter seriously and understand our responsibility related to the data you share with us.

Quarles said that Strava was "committed to working with military and government officials to address potentially sensitive data. The heat map may contain a nerd bright spots.

There is no evidence as of yet that certain countries or militant groups exploited the Strava heatmap along with other open-source intelligence to inflict real harm. The Strava heatmap also represents the cumulative activity of users over several years up through September That means nobody can use it to track military patrols or analysts walking through CIA bases home from deployment and need heat real-time.

OpenStack Docs: Deploying with Heat Templates

Still, the Strava incident is just the latest and perhaps most spectacular example of how social media can compromise the operations security of even the most sensitive military and intelligence agencies. Analysts and journalists have previously tracked the locations of soldiers, such heatt Russian troops in Ukraine, based on selfies and other public data shared on social media.

Back inIraqi insurgents used geo-tagged photos shared on social media of Home from deployment and need heat Army attack helicopters landing at an airbase to pinpoint and destroy four of the expensive war machines in a mortar attack. Much of the public data needed to compromise certain aspects of military or intelligence operations was already out there and hiding in plain sight years ago, according to Gavin Sheridan, CEO of Vizlegal and a former journalist.

In a lengthy Twitter threadhe home from deployment and need heat how geotagging has made it relatively live sex chat hd to detect Westerners—usually soldiers—in remote areas of the world, or even to compile lists of family members for individuals working at the CIA or the Pentagon. But addressing the security risks highlighted by Strava will require much more than simply updating a few policies.

A world dominated by the rise of social media, the growing availability of commercial satellite and drone imagery, and increasing usage of smartphones necessitates an entirely new cultural mentality. Lauren Smiley.

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Sarah Scoles. Alex Baker-Whitcomb.

Richard Stallman and the Fall of the Clueless Nerd. Steven Levy.

Post-Deployment Syndrome: The Illness of War | BrainLine

Featured Video. Topics Military Social Media privacy security surveillance.

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Klint Finley. Alex Davies. Hong Kong's Flash Mob for Democracy. Jason Parham.

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Patrick Farrell. Louise Matsakis.

Maryn McKenna.