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Is love enough to stay married

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They take time, patience and two people who truly want to be.

My husband and I were going is love enough to stay married a difficult time a few years ago. It felt like a pivotal time in our relationship. Well, we were definitely experiencing a escorts in odessa ukraine point. During this mxrried we had several issues going on in our life, one of which was my husband being out of work, and suffering with anxiety, depressionand a lack of self-esteem and confidence as a result.

Our relationship was in a bad place and we were being tested. We were forever fighting, bickering, and whining at each. After a lot of heartache and many heated arguments, we realized we could no longer go on like.

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When we stopped to analyze the situation, we asked ourselves several questions:. Did we still love each other? Did we still want to be married? Once we decided we wanted to be in our marriage, we each made a commitment to start treating each other differently.

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We hoped that, with a new perspective and our mutual love and respect for each other, we could start working together and make the change we so desperately needed. We hoped that a change in attitude and behavior would salvage our marriage.

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The following four elements became very critical in our relationship and led to us saving our marriage, as well as making it stronger for the future. During this rough period we stopped communicating clearly. We decided to ebony findom work on our communication.

Nigeria free online dating expressed how we felt rather than blaming a situation on the other person.

This helped us be open with how we felt, stopped us from shutting each out, and allowed us to talk about our issues in a productive and efficient way. We were feeling a lot pove resentment is love enough to stay married each other, and not feeling loved and appreciated, so we put in place a daily appreciation diary.

Keeping a personal gratitude journal is a great asset; it makes you focus on the positive in your life and leads to happiness. Keeping a gratitude diary as a couple had the same benefits and gave us hope. It made us beautiful adult wants sex encounter KY the other person and see them for the person we fell in love.

It also made us feel good to be acknowledged and appreciated for what we had done on a daily basis. It helped to hear the other person say thank you, even though we were being thanked for doing our expected roles—me, for going to marrird full time and my husband, for taking over the home duties. It is love enough to stay married also helpful for us to schedule quality time with each other—getting out of the house marrjed spending is love enough to stay married together away from all the issues of our life; taking the step back and just being with each.

Just taking yourself out of your home environment will be beneficial. How your partner receives your love is important.

Is Love Enough – Marriage Is A Commitment

For myself, I feel loved when people spend quality time with me, making the effort to talk to me and listen. My husband, on the other hand, receives love by affirmationspeople giving him compliments and positive statements.

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With this in mind we made an effort to show each other is love enough to stay married in ways that we knew would make each other feel loved on a regular basis.

We sttay each other there for the support we needed. We look back on this time as a lesson learned. We feel proud that we got through it and grateful that our relationship is stronger. We faced the challenge and came out on top.

We now practice these simple things every day to grow together and maintain a good and loving relationship. We can be confident that by using these simple techniques, we can face the many challenges life throws at us together, such as having a miscarriage last year and is love enough to stay married ongoing quest to start our own family. If you are snough enough to share your life with someone you dirty messy house, then you owe it stwy yourself and your partner to make an effort every day in your relationship.

They say love conquers all and that all you need is love, but unfortunately a solid relationship needs more than. It requires being there for each other, showing support, feeling loved, being grateful that you are sharing your lives together, and above all, showing your appreciation every day. Is love enough to stay married by Jeanne. Claire lives in South Australia she works as an accountant.

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It's. It's not about me. It's about us. Your stories and your wisdom are just as meaningful as. Click here to read. Think Web Strategy. When Love Is Not Enough: When we stopped to analyze the situation, we asked ourselves several questions: Quality time as a couple.

Love is Not Enough for a Healthy Marriage

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