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Sauid sex Jamal, who was also the head of the center for sex correction at Sauid sex Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, said about 93 percent of the operations were performed during the childhood. He said the correction operations among adults were 7 percent, adding sauid sex the majority of the cases were women wanting to become men. Jamal said the sex correction operations were allowed under the Shariah but changing the sex based on personal whims was strictly prohibited.

He regretted that there were no awareness programs about sex correction and said Saudi hospitals never sauid sex out any sex change operation, which is not permissible under Islamic law. Jamal said people desire to change their sex are suffering from a sickness sauid sex as "gender hatred" or "loss of sex identity".


They believe that they are locked in the wrong bodies, sauid sex are not theirs," he added. Jamal said about 60 percent of these people commit suicide either before or after the sex change operation.

Speaking about the most bizarre case he had ever seen, he sfx an year old man came to the his clinic asking to correct the sex of his year-old sister, who is married. He abandoned the plan fearing that he would lose part of his inheritance to his sister," he said. Hani Al-Ghamdi, a psychiatrist specialized in family and societal issues, said sex sauid sex requires both medical sauid sex psychological examinations before sauix operation was allowed.

Ghamdi said there are men who behave as women and women who act like men and they do not want to woman seeking nsa Palmyra their sex because they are happy the sauid sex they are. January 13, Yasser Jamal.